Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Things are getting stranger

Maybe my title is an understatement?

I think we have just embarked on where the strange gets stranger. Things start to get really weird on page 97:

We have a visual shift that we did not have in the text before. Of course, in our earlier readings, we had the dynamic between Zampano's writing, the annotations, and Johnny's personal annotations. Now we have sections broken up with small boxes. These sections even break when a sentence has unfinished or there is no need for a break. 

Another visual on this page that really gets me going is this one:

What is up with that check? I know it is printed into the book and nothing something a previous owner had scribbled on. Does this check mean, "yes, this book is about to get a whole lot more visually stimulating?" It bothers me, much more than the large boxes we encounter at the end of out readings. It is such a strange and almost insignificant thing to be bothered by. 

On the following page, page 98, for annotation number 110, Johnny writes "There's something weird going on here, as if Zampano can't quite make us his mind whether this is all an exploration or a war." In the first half of this quote, I felt as if Johnny and I really had a connection. When I was reading it, I was thinking, "yeah, Johnny things are getting real strange." However, he is bothered by the actual meat of the text, if you will, rather than it's jarring visual dynamic (I'm thinking about you check mark).

Not far after, on page 100, we get introduced to a new layout:

This page has multiple short sections with small boxes in the blank spaces, where some of the boxes are blank or blackened. Furthermore, several of these sections cut off even if the sentence is not finished. 

The last thing that made me want to yell out "oh my god" is something that Johnny is talking about in his personal annotation which is on the final line of page 106. Thumper told Johnny that, "If you want my opinion, you just need to get out of the house." I feel so jittery just writing about this. What she said made me think about what is going on in the house that Zampano is talking about in his section of the book. During this part of the book, things seem to take a horror story turn where the men are going deeper into that house and I just want to tell them to get out of it! You can feel the badness that will come from it. Getting out of the house does not seem to be so easy. 

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