Sunday, October 26, 2014

Resume stuff! Yay!

Hey everyone, I know that we're going to be working on resume stuff soon and I just went over this with English Works so I figured I'd share the presentation I made for the last meeting.

Aside from this, there is some great material in the Career Development Office for this sort of thing; they have tons of suggestions on how to improve or design your resume, a list of action words to use so you sound accomplished (apparently a lot of them of scanned through programs to look for keywords so this is super helpful in making you sound good), and a bunch of stuff about cover letters, too. It's also really beneficial to make an appointment on their website and have them look over your resume because they'll tell you what you need to work on and what looks pretty vs. what doesn't. Also, they're really nice people so don't be afraid to ask for anything! I've made good friends with some of them already.

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