Monday, October 6, 2014


I would like to talk about the Introduction because I think how you read this really explains the rest of the book for you. It opens with a narrator who is clearly unreliable; “I tried every pill imaginable… with shots of bourbon… a few lung rasping bong hits” (xi). The narrator tells us he is so tried and needs sleep and he still gets nightmares. I notice that like this narrator the entire book is crazy, upside down, right to left, blank, underlined, etc. The last line of the introduction, “And then the nightmares will begin” so is this whole book just one big, drug induced nightmare because I think it is.

            The house is also the center point for the story; everything it seems is connected by this “optical illusion” of a home. I think house is in blue throughout the entire book for a reason. The layout of the book is exactly like the description of the house itself. Danielewski is breaking a lot of rules and yet follows them at the same time.

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